Tuesday, October 12, 2010

oh, crap. i have a blog.

i know, i know. i'm a terrible blogger. last week was intense, but that's no excuse. feel free to hold me accountable for not blogging and not writing. the point of the blog is to share my life and do writing assignments.


on the plus side, i am wearing a skirt today.

i'm aware that has nothing to do with blogging, but at least i am trying a little.

and i didn't give you the ability to give me a real assignment last week because i felt overwhelmed by all the things i had to accomplish. however, it is a common occurrence for me to write poetry/songs when i am sitting in class in order to appear to be taking notes. so i have a poem/future lyrics to a song for you.

to be fair, it is sort of about what we were discussing in class--existential therapy...which is all about dealing with normal anxiety, finding meaning in life, etc.

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