Monday, March 21, 2011

30 by 30 update: 16 months to go

just for kicks, i'm gonna walk you through the whole list. shaZAM.

1. get my master's degree: past the halfway point of my second semester. like any good semi, i'm truckin' along.

2. pay off my debt to dad: wrote a check to the old man yesterday. $400 more into his pocket. down to a cool $2000. woot. (it's hard to have a lot of joy about this one, knowing that as soon as i finish paying him back, i will owe the government $17000. ah, well.)

3. leave the country: i haven't personally left the country, but i have been faithfully watching amazing race. does that count?

4. become a warrior: i'm gonna go ahead and pretend that 5k i ran in oshkosh was the start of my training program. yup.

5. take a weekend trip by myself: no. any suggestions for where to go or what to do?

6. make my t shirt memories quilt: maybe aunt betty and i will work on this the first two weeks of may...

7. make another cd: i've been writing a bunch of songs, so i bet i have a good selection for another cd. kyle is working on jazzing up that piano part i wrote for the hymn. i'm gonna put the cd making in a pile of things to do this summer when i live with somebody who owns a mac. :)

8. get something published: uh, haven't so much been working on this one.

9. take a road trip with miranda: colorado? indiana? so many options.

10. host a theme party: oy. sort of regretting this one. it seems like a lot of work.

11. do a monthly cooking segment on my blog: on track. wrote about the last one here. hey, i've just been doing a lot of cooking anyway. cause food is great.

12. plan a project reunion: ummmm...

13. get a pet: i might go for this one in the fall. it's probably better if i don't get one before i leave for the summer.

14. get a different car: amazingly, bj novak is still moving. i'm just as surprised as you. and now he has an indiana license plate. weird.

15. eat chicken: thanksgiving 2011 is gonna be EPIC. and hopefully not life-threatening. whatevs. i live on the edge.

16. finish my book: nope. not yet.

17. sit in abe's lap: DONE! i totally get to cross one off at last! shorty red graciously took pictures of me looking like a total idiot as i tried to climb up. wasn't easy. definitely wore the wrong shoes. i'm just gonna put it out there...i think abe and i make a very handsome couple.

18. go rock climbing: abe is made out of rock, i think. so maybe that counts. but i think i'll go this summer in madison. or colorado. or both.

19. learn bass guitar: not yet. haven't saved enough dollar bills to buy my bass.

20. sing karaoke in public: i think heather dawn and i might do this in colorado. song ideas?

21. learn to drive stick shift: getting offers left and right...might happen soon since the snow is [theoretically] gone.

22. paint something: nope.

23. take a spa day: no, but my back thinks it sounds like a super great idea.

24. go skinny dipping: well, someone IS getting married at a lake in august...

25. go on a blind date: i'm beginning to think the promised blind date isn't going to happen. any of you want to set me up with a stranger? (i mean to me, not to you. don't pick a rando off the street. creep.)

26. create a self portrait: not even done a little except in my head.

27. get another tattoo: no new ink yet. you probably would have heard.

28. run a half marathon: i'm thinking the indy mini or hodson half next year.

29: read 100 books: i managed to finish one last month. haha. it was the first year out (it's about students their first year out of high school).

30: scrapbook the list: well, not so much. obv.

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  1. ok i definitely think we should do #10 & #23 together. let's start thinking of a theme.