Monday, March 14, 2011

devotional thought: a love that pursues into the dark

ever have a time where you extended yourself, bared part of your soul, and then wanted to barf everywhere?, neither.

but not really. because i totally feel that way when i get vulnerable with people. exposing my messiness is freeing, but it also reminds me of some old wounds and shame. i don't think it ever
becomes easier, and my natural tendency is to go hide for a while just in case my vulnerability is too much for others.

i was sort of having one of those times last week. so i wrote this song. although it doesn't actually have music yet...but it will. i'm thinking it'll sound sort of hymny. (blogspot doesn't believe hymny is a word. whatev.) it is:

You Reach for Me

Through my sorrow
And through my shame
You reach for me
Within my guilt
Within my pain
You reach for me

I can never go too far
Never turn and flee
To a place
Where your grace
Won’t reach for me

You reach for me
For I am yours
Though I bring the nails
And carry thorns
You reach for me
For true love does
And I am now
Not what I was

Though I’m helpless
And though I’m frail
You reach for me
When I falter
When I fail
You reach for me


  1. Love this song! I can't wait to hear it all hymneed up!

  2. haha...i worked on some guitar for it today, but i really want to throw some solid piano on it, too.