Thursday, March 31, 2011

my team

for the majority of my life, i didn't care about baseball. see, indiana doesn't have a major league team (but much love to the indianapolis indians!), so everyone here either pays no attention at all or picks a random team. my family has yankees fans and a sad little cubs fan. and soon, a cardinals fan. gross. (the cardinals, not kelli. she is great.)

but then i moved to wisconsin. and i slowly got sucked into the hype. probably because i read the newspaper every day when i was a temp (remember those days when i read the paper, miranda? too bad you weren't around to enjoy them...). i read about those hapless brewers and their sad exploits. and when stephanie took me to a game, i decided i needed to pick a favorite player. i didn't want one of the more famous, super cool guys like prince or ryan or jj. i picked mike cameron.

oh, michael. what a hunk.

anyway, i got invested. and some players left, including my hunky centerfielder. but i found some other guys i liked, too, and i gave a bunch of them sweet nicknames:

my boy, yo g

beefcake...aka, the beef

the old man

big mac

the hebrew hammer (i'll admit i did not come up with the nickname, but i had to include him anyway...certain people would be angry for omitting ry ry.)

AND the brewers have the sausage race! now, we all know i hate mascots, but is there anybody greater than HOT DOG???

and don't get me started on tailgating. hello, summer. i can practically taste you!

so...long story short: i am ridiculously in love with the brewers.

it's opening day. and yo is pitching. holla!

not that you can change my mind, but who's your favorite team?


  1. nice pic of ry ry. :) of course the brewers are my favorite and the BEST!

  2. i thought you'd like that one. try and keep your drooling to a minimum, please. :)

  3. quite to the contrary- i am not a sad little cubs fan. they drive me crazy sometimes (ok, lots of times), but they still make me very happy.

    plus, they make me think of wonderful nights eating ice cream with grandma. and i feel as though they have created an undying sense of optimism in me... "there's always next year!"

  4. fine. you're a happy and insane cubs fan. have it your way.

  5. this post makes me so happy. i echo miranda...that is a beautiful pic of ry! LOVE!