Monday, March 7, 2011

devotional thought: home

in my 28.5 years of life on this planet, 25 of those have been spent in one part of indiana or another. it's where i grew up, where i went to school, and where i currently live. i can (and do) call it home.

but i spent a kind of random 3.5 years in madison, wisconsin. it took me a full year before i really liked the change. i'm not really sure how much longer it took before it felt like home. but it did eventually, and then it grabbed hold of my heart in a truly unexpected way.

i moved back to indiana for grad school, and leaving wisconsin felt much harder than i expected. i hadn't really missed indiana when i left it--there were moments when i missed the familiarity, and my family all lived there, but leaving the hoosier state was nothing like being away from wisconsin has been.

i miss wisconsin--especially madison--and all the people in it. every. single. day. it doesn't matter what i am doing; things relate to wisconsin. random people on the street remind me of my friends in wisconsin. it's super weird.

i was aware that i missed wisconsin, but i didn't know the extent until i started making plans to be here for spring break. driving up here felt magical and wonderful.

i was driving home.


it's a very good thing i am so madly in love with what i am doing (in life, in indiana) right now, or this could be an emotionally devastating time.

as it is, it just feels nice to be home.


where do you call home?


  1. Home to me is anywhere that Ryan is...sappy, I know, but oh so true! Even though I'm living in my 'home' it just doesn't feel like home when he's not here. I do have much more to say, but I'm afraid a lot of it is best left off the internet :o)

  2. Home is where the Sweetboys sleep.