Wednesday, March 2, 2011

why i write: because books kick me in the butt

sorry about the hiatus yesterday. it was kind of a long, strange day. turns out i was more attached to my wisconsin license plates than expected.


there are a few books that have really pushed me to

a) write now,

b) write more, and

c) write better.

they are books that challenge and encourage me. they are books that make me feel completely inadequate as a writer but also [oddly] inspire me to believe that i have a voice.

if you ask very many writers or bloggers, they will probably include at least one of these books on their 'books that make me wanna write' list...because they're awesome. i don't claim to be unique in my love or appreciation of these books. i just want you to know about them.

so here you go:

letters to a young poet
(rainer maria rilke)

bird by bird
(anne lamott)

the war of art
(steven pressfield)

a million miles in a thousand years
(donald miller)

there are tons of books i could add to this list, but these four, in particular, have helped me take pivotal steps in my writing journey.

so tell me--what else should i be reading? what inspires you (or kicks you in the butt)?

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