Tuesday, March 15, 2011

f&s: mid-semester check-up

so when i set my blog schedule last month, i apparently thought this would be a good time for a mid-semester check-up. that's all i wrote, though, so i don't know if i had something very specific in mind. but i guess i'll just give you a little update on life things.

a) school is going really well. of course, i say that just two days removed from spring break, so maybe i am deluding myself. quite possible. in fact, i have a lot of things due this week that i am really having trouble motivating myself to do. so when i say school is going really well, i should probably clarify.

i love being a student. even more than i loved it last semester. i am in the groove of it; i love learning; i love being on a campus and around students.

i have felt much less stressed out this semester. there are multiple factors that feed into that, but the next month and a half will likely heighten the stress level because a million things are due.

b) i have been sick basically all semester, but i feel pretty much ok now. still coughing, but everything else is working as well as it ever does, so not much to complain about here. the weather is taking a turn for the better this week (supposedly), so i expect to be running more. gotta get my booty in shape for frisbee this summer.

c) i am slowly building community here (and not trying to force myself to be so uncomfortable this semester), but i really miss madison and the people there...so i am spending the summer up north...playing frisbee...rockin the world. it's gonna be rad.

d) i have been better about the blog than i expected. i have not been as good about other writing every day. even so, i am definitely writing much more than i did last year; i have good focus and direction for my book; writing more consistently is helping me creatively. it would help me if you gave me some writing projects, so if you have ideas, let me know.

anything else you'd like an update on in my life?

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