Monday, January 24, 2011

backstreet's back

i know. i have been ABSENT for the past week. well, i am sick. so i decided to let myself take a break from blogging and not feel bad about it. i do so sincerely apologize if you had nothing else good to read. i'm several days into my medicine now, so i would like to believe i am on the upswing.

but i still have no voice. bronchitis is lame sauce.

since i blew off my 30 by 30 update on friday (hey, let's say i was celebrating my half birthday), here you are (and i am only writing about the things that have any actual updates):

1. (get my master's degree): second semester started. think it'll be good.

2. (pay off debt to my dad): he's another $100 richer. which means the debt is down to $2500. slowly but surely here.

4. (become a warrior): i registered. i am running/walking/crawling this sucker on september 17th at 10:30 am. i would love it if you wanted to come and cheer. or actually come and run. that would be sweet action, too.

11. (do a monthly cooking segment): i made this excellent meal on new year's eve for my parents. that makes it 2 meals down, 18 to go. i am open to meal suggestions. and meal eaters in my vicinity.

12. (plan a project reunion): ok, i haven't done any actual planning, but i thought maybe some of you would like to offer input. so throw out some suggestions for when (probably this summer or next), where (convenient to the most project people probably), and activities. i just might create a survey based on your suggestions and send it out to the project kids.

16. (finish my book): i wrote a chapter over break. but no, the book is nowhere close to being done.

29. (read 100 books): i am at 13 now. here are the six most recent books:

-the war of art
-the lost art of listening
-the hunger games
-catching fire
-first things first

so that's what i've got for you. i hope i'll be back to the regularly scheduled blogging tomorrow. thanks for letting me take the week off.

give me a challenge for the next month--make it something i can actually do within my lifestyle of school and work.

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