Tuesday, January 11, 2011

welcome back to school, wildcats

it's tuesday. that means i am talking about faith and school and their delicious intertwining. conveniently, it is also the first day of our semester here at iwu. sometimes i plan things like that, but this time, it was sheer coincidence. if you believe in that sort of thing.

does loving Jesus affect the way i approach school?

quick answer: yes. and no.

when i take the time to both contemplate my position in life and ruminate on the quality of my position in life and ruminate on the quality of my output--whether educational or creative or whatever--i truly desire to be honoring to God and a blessing to those around me. i want to commit significant time and energy to my [school]work: producing quality schtuff.

but i'll admit that it is challenging to maintain that dedication when i am slogging through the thousands of pages of reading material or fighting to stay engaged with my research paper at the end of a long, exhausting semester.

i love school. reading, writing, the whole shebang (anyone else hear william hung's voice singing, 'she-bang, she-bang'?). it's just ingrained in me. so i naturally want to be a good student. the problem is that i am also really lazy. i naturally want to just be uber mellow and do nothing all the time. those desires tend to war in me. go figure.

in many ways, this is just a glimpse of my heart toward life in general.


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  1. I too am extremely lazy!
    I think if you have God as your main priority (the center of your life) that it spills into everything you do. I'm sure it happens without you even realizing it at times.