Wednesday, January 12, 2011

why i write

this morning, i read donald miller's post and suddenly felt insignificant...very small. he is a 'real' writer. so to even suggest i might have something to say about writing--the planned theme of my wednesday posts--seemed ridiculous.

and then i smacked myself in the face.

sometimes i need to be brought back to reality in a semi-violent fashion, you know? (i know you know...but i still like to ask.)


what i do matters. what i write matters. and the thing about it is that i can never predict how much it's going to matter to any one particular person.

but it matters most to me. cause if i don't write, everything gets stuck in me: i become trapped...unwell...emotionally constipated. so honestly, if it even ends up mattering to other people, that's gravy. (is gravy good for emotional constipation?)

what matters to you? what's something you have to do to feel whole (dare i say...normal?)?

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