Monday, January 3, 2011

walking through

my computer has been giving me fits lately (surprise, surprise), so we'll see if this goes as planned...but i am going to drop two posts on you today. kapow. see if you can handle it.

i posted a new song. well, it's not really new. i wrote it three weeks ago for my final exam in theories and techniques of the helping relationship. i know...grad school is fun, right? ha. i wish my whole exam had been to just write a song. alas, that was not the case. anyway, for one of the questions, we were supposed to use our creative juices or energy or something to depict ourselves in the helping we could draw a picture, write a poem, or whatever. i wrote a song. and then i played and sang it to my freshmen, because they are the ones who inspired it.

so go check it out.


  1. look at you singing/playing for people like it's no big deal. :)

  2. oh, it was a big deal. i was told i had a man voice before i started singing (it was kind of an end-of-semester cold), and i broke out in insane hives. classic.