Friday, January 7, 2011

picture this: spider solitaire

i am decent at four-suited spider solitaire, but i am usually too adhd to put a lot of effort into it. but i often make the claim that it is possible to beat every game, so i decided to put that theory to test. on average, when i just play at my normal quick speed, i have about a 17% win rate. meaning...if i can't beat it within the first ten minutes of working at it, i am done and moving on to the next game. but putting my money where my mouth is, i have invested the time and patience to beat each game. you'll notice my most recent game took me 4,351 moves to beat. but i hope that you also notice after 10 games, my win rate is 100%. not an easy task, i'll tell you that.

i don't have this kind of free time at school, so i doubt you'll be seeing anything this amazing for a while. feel free to sit and bask in the awesomeness while it lasts.

happy friday, world.

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