Thursday, January 27, 2011

my favorite...awesome idea involving food!

so i was craving the southwestern crab cake salad* from bluephies the other day, and sara and i started talking about places where we love to eat in madison, wisconsin. at times, it is both wonderful and terrible to work with someone who knows how fantastic madison truly is. wonderful because we came up with a super cool idea. terrible because it made me SO HUNGRY.

hungry like a wolf.

we decided that we need to roadtrip up this summer and EAT OUR WAY THROUGH MADISON! (you may clap and dance with glee at the brilliance of this idea.) instead of a bar crawl, we would do a restaurant crawl (potentially the same amount of vomit, just for different reasons). we could make t shirts, invite all the wisco people we like to join us, and eat some RIDICULOUSLY good food.

here are some places we thought of:

bluephies (duh)
harvest (
ella's (no, i haven't been, but sara says it's fun)

so...any other suggestions?

*i will love you forever if this shows up on my doorstep. although that will probably violates several health codes.


  1. can't believe i never took you to ella's to ride on the carousel.
    the old fashioned.
    i've heard good things about l'etoile. although i don't think i could afford it. we should find rich boys to take us. ;)
    mickie's dairy bar.
    tutto pasta.
    essen haus.
    do you really want me to keep going?

  2. crap. we are going to gain a million pounds and die.

    guess it's not a bad way to go...

  3. I have a friend who is eating his way through New Orleans- a pretty big feat, 600 + restaurants. They're making a documentary about him called 'the Man who Ate New Orleans.' You should make a movie about yourself!