Tuesday, January 25, 2011

faith integration

there has been some discussion about faith integration when it comes to school. after all, shouldn't faith already be all-consuming in our lives? perhaps we should word it 'school integration in our faith.' i appreciate the difference in semantics--the first way sounds like we are making space for faith as opposed to it already being the dominant force in our lives.

but is faith the dominant force in your life? or in mine?

as someone who loves Jesus, i want it to be that way. it's what i'm striving for.

i don't think i'm there yet.

what about you?


  1. Don't I wish. I think in some ways it is, like when I do my best to teach the girls right from wrong, etc. But when it comes to learning more on my own...epic failure. I wish it was the first thing I did every morning...read the Bible, have some prayer, but instead it's often the last thing I do before I fall asleep...if I remember. Sorry to write a book for a comment :)

  2. i love it when people write books for comments. :)