Monday, February 7, 2011

devotional thought: in the midst of migraines

i've been sick for a few weeks now, and the past couple of days have taken an interesting turn. i have a cough...which, by itself, would not be so bad. but i am also *wildly* prone to migraines and sinus infections. so this cough has become a sort of vicious beast--to the point where i will stop what i am doing so i can hold my head in both hands while i cough. there is so much pressure that it feels like bad things will happen if i don't hold on.

i don't really feel like being around people or reflecting on my spiritual development when i feel this way. i don't have any desire to sit at work, stare at a computer screen, or pay attention in class.

it can be quite problematic.

i'm currently huddled on the floor of a room, tucked in the corner so my back and head are both supported. i'm sure it's an odd sight for anyone walking by.

my days are fairly scheduled out so that i stay on task--blog, homework, coffee dates with students, etc. but when i feel like this, my body says, 'NO.'

no filling each spare moment.

no trying to get ahead.

no super intentional conversations with classmates.

just stop.

you know, i don't think sickness and pain are punishment--i think they're a byproduct of a sinful world. and the more i contemplate my case, i am coming around to the thought that God uses my migraines as a gift.

[i am a bad recipient of gifts. especially this kind.]

in my life, migraines tend to be less-than-gentle reminders that i cannot do everything on my own, that i am weak despite my posturing, and that being still and resting is a very holy thing to do.

my beloved is most certainly here in the midst of my migraines.

where have you experienced God in your midst lately?


  1. Oh my goodness! Where to begin? This whole Spain's really quite amazing just the things that have worked out and all the things I can see God has done through it. I would love to sit down and tell you all about it sometime.

  2. yes! i want to sit down and talk with you! deal.

  3. If you don't lay down in the Green Pasture, HE will Maketh you to lie down in Green Pastures. I hate when he Makeths me to lie down in green pastures.

  4. haha. i'll show you green pastures.