Friday, February 4, 2011

picture this: he's the piano man

this is my younger brother, travis. or, as he is affectionately called around our house, lonny, skippy, or tubby. this is a picture of him playing piano. (the fitness orb is a whole other story.)

here's the context:

in my family, all of us took piano lessons when we were kids. some of us took them longer than others. some of us still play. and some of us are very talented pianists. (don't be fooled. despite my liberal use of the word 'us,' i am not actually one of those still-playing and very talented children.) travis took piano for approximately five minutes. ok, it was probably closer to two years. the point is, he didn't like it and didn't stick with it.

cut to 4 days ago. picture this scene: it's probably 9:30 pm...i'm in bed, reading and winding down. travis is in his room, bellowing 'it is well with my soul.' (i was later informed that he had been singing hymns all day, so it wasn't completely out of the blue.) suddenly, i hear him knocking on aunt betty's door and asking if she has a hymnal. out of the kindness of her soul, she digs one up for him, and he plops down at the piano and bangs out his part. i am not sure how long this lasted, but i think it was at least an hour.

over the next few [snow] days, he and betty jo dug up more music he could play--including christmas carols. t bone has been logging practice hours at the piano, hammering out chords, singing, and having a merry old time.

hilarious and delightful.

i think he shows great potential.

what is something you love about one of your siblings?


  1. I may not be the piano man...but I am the entertainer for sure :)

  2. one of my favorite things about my siblings is that we can have fun doing things that most other people think are stupid or weird...see: gladiators in the driveway, school project videos, willman board games, hallway bunny football, pillow high jump, balloon volleyball, nubbins, extreme [fill in any sport or game].

  3. great balls of fire, tubs, you may be right!

    bean...i doubt i could have said it better myself. have a chocolate in the closet and dab a bit of homemade perfume on yourself. we must run away from the orphanage now.

  4. haha skip just read your response to me over the phone & i burst out laughing!!

    p.s. we want to know why your time is screwed up when we post.

  5. it was set to some weird time. i think i fixed it.

  6. Well, I love spending some time with the Willman crew! With my sister, I love that she gets all my movie quotes, and even when we fight(which used to be a lot more often than of late) she was always first in line to defend my honor whenever I was offended or picked on by anyone, loyal and feisty like an attack chihuahua.

  7. does she feel about being referred to as an attack chihuahua?