Tuesday, February 1, 2011

faith and school: vbv time and again

vulnerability breeds vulnerability.

i could write those words every day for the rest of my life, and it would not make them less true. vbv is a phrase i picked up on summer project six and a freakin' half years ago (holy bananas, where has the time gone?!). i got my first taste of what it meant to be truly authentic with people--to share deep, real things and see myself through others' eyes of grace.


here in the student development world, we call it 'modeling behavior.' as counselors, we are expected to do the things we ask of our clients. so in my c
ase, it means modeling authenticity and vulnerability. (within appropriate boundaries, obviously.) it means investing time and energy into being very present for the students with whom i am meeting.

several times since this semester started, i have been blessed by seeing my students be vulnerable right in front of me. super cool. you know how i know this is not about me? because i know i am not naturally good at being vulnerable and authentic. i have had to work really hard at those things.

and that's the point.

it is not something i am great at doing, but when i *faithfully* put myself where God has called me to be [with students] and trust that his grace will be apparent in me, when i share some of my story and believe that it is his pleasure to use janky jars of clay like me, and when invest time [and coffee],

glorious things happen.

i have not yet developed into the woman i am called to be, but i am constantly affirmed in my decision to step out and try this.