Friday, February 25, 2011

picture this: one cool thing about winter

this is a cool fountain in marion. i don't really know what it's for. there's a sign by it, though. maybe i'll read that sign one day.

i took this picture on my way to work yesterday. don't worry. i was at the stoplight, so i was being safe. ish.

you can't see the entirety of the coolness in this picture. but half of the fountain was frozen, and half was flowing. if i had more energy, i would tell you how that is sort of a metaphor for my life in the winter. or something.

here are three questions for you instead:

what are you up to this weekend?
is it snowy where you are?
how many weddings have you been invited to thus far in 2011?

i'll start in the comments section. meet you there.


  1. a) skype with china tonight. homework and hanging out with a friend tomorrow. church and taxes and homework on sunday.

    b) yep.

    c) 4. maybe 5.

  2. a) absolutely nothing. and my extroverted self is dying inside. :P

    b) too snowy. it's snowing as we speak. it'll all be gone by next weekend, of course. ;)

    c) no invites yet, but i know of 2 weddings this summer as of right now.

  3. a. Got a new car, saw Pacers vs. Jazz and attended Meet and Greet with Gordon Hayward. Tomorrow, Game Night with friends, and hopefully a Chipotle run with a coupon I just got. ;)
    b. Yup. Gonna write a post in the a.m. of the awesome pics I took today of what I hope was Winter's Last Hurrah.
    c. I know of One, I got a head's up, but it's too early for official invites. You're at the age where everyone is getting married, I'm at the age, everyone is having babies, I think I know of 6 coming between now and July, just off the top of my head.

  4. 1. skyped with indiana. watched megaminds. eating at pizza hut tomorrow.

    2. yes, ironically.

    3. unofficially invited to 1 via FB. does that even count?

  5. 1. Not-a-thing
    2. At the moment...should be gone by this afternoon if it gets as warm as "they" have said.
    3. Zip
    I lead a very exciting life I tell you!

  6. stephanie, i really want to believe it won't be snowy by next weekend, but i know you're lying to me. :)

    cathy, i am on round two of weddings in my life...i already went through the phase where a million friends got married. then they all had babies. now, different friends are getting married, and the first group is popping out baby #2.

  7. 1. watched movies. cleaned my room. played with surprise guests (kayla, greg, ela, reis, adler). played with niece and giggled as she crawled after the cats. tried out new church. went to meeting. watched the oscars.

    2. yes, very. and i haven't dug pammy out yet. figured i'd give her a break while dad is out of town.

    3. 5 i think. could end up being more. its a slow summer. ;)