Thursday, February 3, 2011

my favorite...pens!

if i have the option, i stick with uni-ball vision elite pens.

they come in lots of colors, but if you know me, you know i prefer BLACK. oh, if you don't know me, black is my favorite color. please save speeches about absence of color. i don't pick apart why you like mauve, do i?

is anyone's favorite color mauve?

off topic.

anyway, these are my favorite pens.

they butter. you don't need to scribble on your shoe to start them. they do not leak. i think the box actually says you can take them on airplanes. i don't fly that often, so i wouldn't say it's a high selling point for me...but i'm not that familiar with your flying habits, so i cannot speak for you. maybe some of you need to know that kind of detail.

i write a lot. and i write quickly. and sometimes in a big, sweeping fashion. (like, say, i don't know, when i am signing checks and stuff.) so a smooth, perfect flow of ink is highly important to me.

so what's your favorite type of pen?


  1. I haven't found a fave. Mike's is the G2 something or other. I usually use those b/c they're around, but I'm ready to find one that I love...maybe I'll try this one.

  2. I like silver and gold gel pens (or neon works too). But only if I get to write on black paper with them...sooo pretty :) For everyday use though, give me a good ol' ball point! I prefer black as well even though blue is my favorite color.

  3. my favorite is the Pilot G-2 07. fun colors and a perfect point for my neat and organized handwriting.

  4. cathy-not picky at all, huh? be that free and easy...

    ash-is michael's favorite the same as miranda's?

    amy-how often do you really write on black paper?

    mj-those pens actually do make me think of you. haha.

  5. Sharpie pens. They write like sharpies, but don't bleed through paper. Magical.

    Oh, and Uniball Jetstream pens - bet they're even better than the clear ones!

  6. rachel, welcome to the blog! i love sharpie pens for certain things but can't write quickly enough with them.

    and the jetstream ones look so FANCY! i feel like i would be needing to sign legal documents all the time with those suckers.

  7. bean, that kind of ink doesn't glide. gliding is important to me. but those pens are perfect for your writing style.