Tuesday, February 22, 2011

faith and school: my role as an encourager

i think one of the coolest things about my life right now is that i get to do what i love (be with college students in a very intentional way) while i am in school to gain mad skills in doing what i love. are you tracking with me? good.

most of my friends in the counseling program are not in the student development track. they're doing things like marriage and family therapy, addictions counseling, school, clinical mental health, etc. so they have to be in more classes before they get to start their practicum or internship hours--in other words, they don't get to be as hands-on as i am at this moment.

in case it hasn't been clear from my various posts and or conversations you have had with me, i am really enjoying what i am doing right now. i feel very alive. full of joy. affirmed on a daily basis that the choice to leave wisconsin and embark on this grad school adventure was the right one for me (on many levels).

so one of the super sweet things i have been realizing over this semester is that i can--and should!--share my joy with my classmates and friends. it is easy to get overwhelmed and stressed out by grad school. and if you're not doing something you love, it's possible to get frustrated and want to give up. which means i can step in and encourage my friends. i can cheer them on.

i've never really been one to 'fake encourage.' i think it is fun to lavish genuine excitement about life on my friends who are stuck in the weary cycle of classes and work. joy begets joy.

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