Thursday, February 17, 2011

my to write...

ok, people. i do not get paid for plugging stuff on my blog on thursdays. i just love the crap out of this stuff and want to tell you. (but if someone does want to pay me, i am totally amenable to that idea.)

today, i am going to share my deep love for moleskine notebooks. if i had the financial resources, i would buy every single version they make.

i am the current owner of a soft cover 12-month monthly notebook and at least three hard cover pocket ruled notebooks.

these little guys are balm to this writer's soul--they fit in purses (i know--i only own one and rarely carry're missing the point), you can tuck them in your backpack, and if you just want to take a walk without a bag, they fit in your back pocket. glorious.

but the planner? oh. my. heavens. i am obsessed with it. this is my second year to use one to schedule out my life, and it makes a world of difference. it is ideal. its fabulous features include (but are not limited to):

big days of the week so i can write assignments and coffee dates.

an extra space at the end of the week where i can conveniently plan out my blog schedule for the month.

blank, lined sheets between each month (which i use to detail out each minute of each day. ok, not minute by minute. more hour by hour.).

gobs of blank, lined sheets at the end of the year for writing whatever i want. i keep many lists here.

a pocket to hold miscellaneous items (especially post its).

look at this page and tell me you do not want to own every single notebook. i mean, ARE YOU KIDDING ME? tiny notebooks for writing music, recipes, wine...i could just die. that is how much i love them.

and i do not own this one, but i desperately wish i did. i can't tell you why except that it just speaks to my heart. i also love the adorable little flippy reporter ones.

do you love moleskines? which (if you can possibly choose) is your favorite?

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