Friday, February 18, 2011

picture this: the haircut

well, i can tell you one thing about myself after about 37 attempts to take a picture of myself that showed my hair falling correctly and captured my eyes open but not in a scary/way too excited way: i suck at taking pictures of myself. and i will always be my most critical observer.

i am not great about pictures anyway, because when i smile big, my eyes get squinty. and i tilt my chin up, no matter how hard i focus on not doing it.

also, i think we all know that i do not care about my hair, if it is done, or what it looks like.

according to many eye witnesses, this is a cute haircut that matches my personality well and looks chic and sassy. super. i cannot get a picture that encapsulates all of that, so you will just have to make do with this (i'm not sure why my hair has kind of a reddish tint to it):

but you should know this is how i felt the whole time i was taking pictures:

ps: i did make a couple of attempts to photograph the back of my head, but those were worse failures than the front. so...sorry. you can't see the layers and whatnot. just believe that they are there.


  1. love it. for realz. also, stop criticizing yourself. you're beautiful. just how He wants you. when others look at your pretty smile, we're not criticizing stop looking like a serial killer. pic #2 rocks. :) and your hair isn't reddish all the time...? you should spend a summer at the beach again and see if it goes blonde.

  2. thanks, people. :)

    ash, my hair does have some red in it, but i just couldn't figure out why it looked so red in the first picture and not the second.

  3. Very cute and sassy! Love it and love you! :)