Tuesday, February 8, 2011

more things i am learning in grad school

1) aunt betty is really selfless and gracious. she cares for people well. i am the uber-undeserving recipient of that care.

2) not everyone appreciates sarcasm. and i am apparently really sarcastic.

3) i LOVE meeting with students. i am constantly surprised at how much i enjoy spending time hearing about their life stuff. they are awesome.

4) i have subconscious methods and layers of self-protection that i have not even begun to uncover. it's true: i'm still a work in progress.

5) grad school is preparing and equipping me for something in the future, but it doesn't matter what that happens to be. i have really specific purpose and joy right where i am. holy bananas!*

*yes, i did just shout out to lily. the three year-old. who does not read my blog.


  1. i read it to her & she corrected me after i said "holly bananas!"

  2. hahaha. did you really think i wrote 'holly bananas'?